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yeah cant really think of a big bio but i draw some original stuff now and just random stuff still doing madness

velvet crayons @t3rrab1te


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Posted by t3rrab1te - 1 day ago

you see this dog THIS DOG 100% SUCKS like honestly he sucksiu_129246_6903144.jpg

Posted by t3rrab1te - 2 days ago

iu_128682_6903144.jpgim very grateful honestly like seriously thank you! i don't really know what to do but ill think but again thank you my solo project still on going.... ACTUALLY ask in the comments on what you want


Posted by t3rrab1te - 3 days ago

wow oh yeah im gonna make doodles and shit maybe some other stuff who knows oh yeah

call me velvet crayons from now on cos t3rra ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i dont really like it anymore this post is just me saying i aint dead just making sprites for me solo


Posted by t3rrab1te - April 10th, 2020

Hello note:if there's any mistakes that was just me typing too fast

i have to sort this account get everything cleared so about that last post since this solo project will be most likely be out in some in dec of 2020 or could be summer of 2021 and the name of this project is called madness the wood land's curse and its gonna have a fairy tale theme and has its own language and the lore is about 45% done but anyway back on topic of the important stuff as many of you know. We are all trapped in our home and apartments so there might be more stuff and i can get things marked down so here's the list i gotta remake 2 madness characters ok so here the plans from to the near to the far future

get a consistent art style

remake agent atp's oc

do some original art and more

remaking Dat simple's (sorry for the long wait im gonna try to get your oc done)

doing some original random animations that im working on

a small introduction to the nature theme for my madness solo project gonna be a mini called the downfall

gotta finish some collab stuff like cell2 and other things

make the first episode of madness the wood lands curse

this conclude's the list oh yeah im also gonna delete some of my old art because i kinda wanna start a new

and also one of my friends made a new NG account

https://makerstudios.newgrounds.com/ go follow him

so this it for now see ya whenever -t3rra


Posted by t3rrab1te - February 16th, 2020

iu_94399_6903144.jpglooks like some form of marine fauna ahh god damn it i took the picture at full zoom and it swam away


Posted by t3rrab1te - January 1st, 2020

ive been thinking about doing a wheel and every few weeks i randomly take a few people from madness that im following or people who are following me and i do 3 people for every few weeks and randomly by just a spin of a wheel i dont know how it will turn out but wish me luck

by the way im making the sprites and doing this for some fun and i think you people might enjoy it aswell

ive got things planned for my new oc aswell so look out for that

(NOTE:this concept was scrapped)


Posted by t3rrab1te - August 26th, 2019

iu_50953_6903144.jpgnew oc k bai


Posted by t3rrab1te - August 10th, 2019


Posted by t3rrab1te - June 19th, 2019

so guys we did it we reached a half of a hundred follo- ok that joke is dead but yeah thank you very much here is my oc as a sign of my gratitude https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/0a6d59d2da0925984fea0c709eb095ff fla works on flashCS6 and higher if you have flash 8 here is a swf you can import him which is simple file -> import -> select swf -> open swf done.https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/f09197da9ca36a7b46ae394cd873af35 heres the swf also i have made some monster bois for the lock and an fla which might come out in the future and i will show picture of 2 monsters there are 4 more i need to get done and beaten up riot agent masks and bgs and shit but i will show you some down below iu_34537_6903144.jpgiu_34538_6903144.jpg

thats it i will see on 30/6/19 or when ever iu_34539_6903144.gif


Posted by t3rrab1te - June 2nd, 2019

Madness:the lock might have to be delayed my computer is starting to break so expect it near 2020 hopefully i get it fixed but no dice good news is i backed everything up