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yeah cant really think of a big bio but i draw some original stuff now and just random stuff still doing madness

velvet crayons @t3rrab1te


digital paper stuff

really dumb

who knows

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Posted by t3rrab1te - 1 month ago

yeah i got nothing for madness day this year but i promise there will be something in the future when? i don't know

because i am trying to make new consistent sprite and animation style first something i didn't do a long time ago but if you wanna know what my new ocs theme is gonna be then here's an image


Posted by t3rrab1te - September 12th, 2020

Hello everyone

as you may know i make madness stuff but as time went on i am kinda slowly losing interest and i am making promises i can't guarantee and make dates for those same promises that i haven't finished and will most likely never will.Ideas have come and gone and it all ends up as a mess remember madness:the lock it became a mess midway through the making of the sprites same with anything i have done and its because of these two things 1:my skill level of animation i have a low skill level of animation only seeing now small improvements and the reason mt skill level is low was because of impatience for all these months i haven't been practising animation and tests because i did not see any form of difference in my old tests so i gave up and only did sprites and only until recently i have been starting to do animation this was my fault. 2nd new interests some of you might know i have been getting into new hobby's and other community's and i wanna start my own original series and i have kinda put madness to a side and that's really it


I have now been thinking of restarting everything im not deleting this account overhauling it scrap the old projects new story line redesign of madness oc actually start caring about the animation and obviously change my out look on stuff and attitude because at some points of this community i was unhappy and projected my emotions onto others and raged at others and at one point ruined some of my friends fun and this shit still plague's me and makes me feel terrible at times and this shit is not excuse-able i am sorry to the people in the group chat mainly shadz, salty, sleezy and orange. Anyway that's what i have been wanting to say and yeah expect new stuff

sorry if this didn't make much sense